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Effective January 1, 2017:

2 Axles________________________$3.80
Per Each Additional Axle___________$3.80


Ramps (Sheridan and US287):
2 Axles_________________________$1.25
Per Each Additional Axle____________$1.25*

* - All vehicles benefit of a 100% discount on each additional axle at the ramp locations.

Additional Fees may apply. For complete details please see the GO-PASS Fee Schedule table below.


2017 GO-PASS Schedule of Fees
(Effective January 1, 2017)


GO-PASS Auto-Bill
or ExpressToll

Non Auto-Bill Customers Notes
Processing Fee* N/A $0.45/transaction  
Mail/Handling Fee** $0.65/bill $0.65/bill Does not apply if bills are emailed
Late Fee N/A $2.50/transaction Applies on Late Bills
Past Due Fee N/A $25.00/transaction Applies on Past-Due Notices
Collection Fee N/A $20.00/account Applies after account is referred to Collections
Returned Payment Fee $30.00/occurrence $30.00/occurrence Applies if unable to process payment
Account Update Fee $10.00/occurrence $10.00/occurrence Miss to keep account payment information current

* - Sign up for "GO-PASS Auto-Bill" or "ExpressToll" to avoid fees!

** - Even without signing for Auto-Bill you can still avoid a "Mail Fee" if you choose to get your bills electronically. This way you are also helping the environment.

Note: If an "Auto-Bill" account is not in good standing and payments cannot be processed, accounts will automatically revert to "Non Auto-Bill" status and aforementioned fees and charges will apply until the account condition has been resolved.

To sign up for GO-PASS Auto-Bill please


Type of Vehicle


ExpressToll or GO-PASS Auto-Bill Customers

GO-PASS Customers with Email Billing * Other Customers Mailed Bills **
2 Axle Mainline
2 Axle Ramps
3 Axle Mainline
3 Axle Ramps

* - Include tolls and fees (see GO-PASS fees table above for details).
** - Subject to an additional $0.65 Mail/Handling fee per mailed bill.















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