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On December 31, 2009 at 10 PM, the Northwest Parkway converted to a non-stop payment system at all of its toll location points.  On that date all toll booths were closed.  Customers now enjoy the convenience of true non-stop tolling on the Northwest Parkway.  Non-stop tolling offers several convenient alternatives for paying your tolls.


Just drive through the designated GO-PASS™ Lanes on the Northwest Parkway and we will send a bill to the registered owner of the vehicle, at the address that we obtain from the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Payments can be securely and conveniently made online at, or through the mail.  The bill will include the toll amount, plus applicable fees.  Fees are waived for GO-PASS™ Auto-Bill customers (see below).  Please note that GO-PASS™ is an exclusive service of Northwest Parkway.  If you travel on the toll road east of I-25, you will be on the E470 toll road, and you will receive a separate bill from them.  To learn more about Northwest Parkway’s GO-PASS™ service, CLICK HERE.


Take advantage of the time and money saving convenience of our Auto-Bill service. Once a month, we charge all of your accumulated tolls (with no fees) to your credit card and email you a detailed receipt.  With Auto-Bill, there’s no prepaid balance.  You save time – your payments are made on-time and automatically.  You save money – no processing fees and no postage required for mailing in your payment.  Additionally, as a GO-PASS™ Auto-Bill customer, you receive a discount at the Northwest Parkway ramp locations, at Hwy 287/Dillon Road and at Sheridan Parkway.  Sign-up for Auto-Bill now at


With ExpressToll you provide your credit card number to back your account.  Your credit card will initially be charged $35.00 to establish a balance for your account, and you will be issued a tag to place in each of your vehicles.  As you drive the toll road, the tolls (with no fees) are deducted from your balance.  When it gets down to about $10.00 your credit card will be charged again to bring your account balance back up to $35.00.  As an ExpressToll customer, you receive a discount at the Northwest Parkway ramp locations, at Hwy 287/Dillon Road and at Sheridan Parkway.  Please note that the ExpressToll pass can be used at Northwest Parkway, E-470 and I-25 HOT Lanes.  To sign up for ExpressToll, visit


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