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The Northwest Parkway is a 75-mile per hour public toll road that connects E-470 in the east, at I-25, which is north of 144th Ave, with U.S. 36 and State Highway 128 in Broomfield.

Construction of the Parkway commenced in June 2001, under a design / build contract by the Highway Authority. The Parkway opened to traffic on November 24, 2003, and toll collection commenced on January 1, 2004.

The completed Parkway has 26 structures, three major interchanges, four ramp toll plazas, four mainline toll plazas and a toll plaza administration building. The Parkway forms the Northwest section of a beltway system extending around the Denver Metropolitan area, which includes E-470 to the east and C-470 to the south and west.  The Parkway connects with several toll and non-toll highways, including E-470, I-25 U.S. 36, and U.S. 287, providing convenient access to residential and employment centers within the northwestern metropolitan area, The Flatirons shopping area, and Boulder, including Denver International Airport (“DIA”).

The Parkway is a public road 100% privately funded. No federal funds were/are used on the Parkway.

On November 21, 2007(1), the Northwest Parkway LLC (the “Concessionaire”), a joint venture between Brisa Auto-Estradas S.A. (“Brisa”) and Companhia de Concessões Rodoviárias (“CCR,” and together with Brisa, the “Sponsors”), entered into a  concession and lease agreement for the operation and maintenance of the Parkway from the Northwest Parking Public Highway Authority (the “Highway Authority“). Brisa currently holds 100% of the concession.

Brisa Auto-Estradas de Portugal, based in Lisbon, founded in 1972, is the largest Portuguese motorway operator and a leading player in the sector in Europe. Other than the U.S., Brisa also has international presence in Europe and India.

We invite you to try our road and compare how fast, safe and well maintained we are compared to the alternate routes.  We look forward to serving you for many years. 

If you have a question or concern, please send us a comment in our Customer Service menu option on this website or call us at 303-533-1200. We appreciate your feedback.

Thank you for driving the Northwest Parkway, Sincerely the Staff.



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