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Here is how you can pay your GO-PASS bills either a "Usage Bill"; "Late Bill" or "Past Due Notice":

   1) By using debit or credit card, at www.go-pass.com, please click here.

   2) By mail, please detach the bottom stub portion of your bill and send it along with your check or money order payable to Northwest Parkway to the following address:

         Northwest Parkway LLC
         3701 Northwest Parkway
         Broomfield, CO 80023

If you experience any difficulty making your payment or have any questions about your GO-PASS bill, please contact our customer service at (303) 926-2500, Monday-Friday, 8am - 5pm.


Please Note:  The Northwest Parkway includes tolls WEST of I-25.  If you received a bill from E-470 for travelling EAST of I-25, please call E-470 at (303) 537-3470.

If a customer fails to pay their initial GO-PASS™ Usage Bill, those past due balances will be subject to additional fees and charges. The applicable fees and charges assessed for late payments may vary from time to time. Please click here for a current schedule of fees and charges. Failure to pay the initial bill results in a Late Bill being sent, within about a month.

Failure to pay the Late Bill results in a "Past Due Notice" being sent. The Notice includes the process to be followed if the customer wishes to dispute their bill. Additionally, the Notice provides guidance as to why bills may have been received, and how payments can be made.

Accounts that remain unpaid may be referred to a collection agency or referred for Court action. Additional fees and penalties would also then be applied.

If there are problems with the page email webmaster@nwpky.com and let me know, Thank you.